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You’ve decided to start programming and you are unsure of where to start; here i will give you resources and information on how you can improve yourself. You need to free your mind from the constant question of where should I start and realize the necessity of taking action. Because you want it and you should do what is necessary. Let’s start now:

How Computers Work?

a. Why Do Computers Use 1s and 0s? Binary – Transistors [Video]

b. Understanding Binary Code [Text]

How to Start Programming?

a. What is Programming? [Text]

b. How to Learn Programming [Text]

Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

a. Computer Science Concepts – All in One [Text]

Why do you want to learn programming?

a. What fields are programming used in? [Text]

Programlamayı neden öğrenmek istiyorsun?

If you have decided, i will share resources on how and where you can learn a programming language; First of all, there are some points that you should pay attention to when learning a programming language:

  1. Don’t spend more than 1 month watching tutorials.
  2. Learn as needed.
  3. Build Projects.
  4. Do Coding Challenges.
  5. Take on simple freelancing projects.

b. All Resources in One [Text]