OpenSeadragon DZI Converter

This is a Python script that converts image files into Deep Zoom Image (DZI) format using the OpenSeadragon library. The DZI format allows for high-resolution zoomable images that can be easily integrated into web applications.

{{< dzi id="seadragon-viewer" url="/dzi/mountain_files/" format="jpg" imgWidth="15920" imgHeight="9800" >}}


  1. Make sure you have Python 3 installed on your system.

  2. Install the required dependencies by running the following command:

    pip install deepzoom
  3. Clone or download this repository to your local machine.

    git clone
  4. Open a terminal or command prompt and navigate to the repository's directory.

    cd /path/to/dzicon
  5. Run the script with the following command:

    python3 [filename1.jpg] [filename2.png] ...

Replace [filename1.jpg], [filename2.png], etc. with the paths or names of the image files you want to convert. You can specify multiple files separated by spaces.

Note: Supported image formats are JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) and PNG (.png).

  1. The script will create a Deep Zoom Image pyramid for each input image file, resulting in a .dzi file and a corresponding folder containing the tile images.

  2. To view the converted images, open the test_image.html file in a web browser.

    If you want to view a specific image, modify the tileSource.Url value in the test_image.html file to point to the corresponding DZI folder generated by the script. Replace /path/to/dzicon/example_folder/ with the correct directory path.

    Update the tileSource.Size.Width and tileSource.Size.Height values to match the dimensions of your converted image.