File Extraxt

stegcracker [filename] [wordlist]
steghide extract -sf [filename]
stegseek [filename] [wordlist] # daha hızlı
docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd):/steg" rickdejager/stegseek [filename] [wordlist]
binwalk --dd='.*' [filename]
binwalk -e [filename]
exiftool [filename]
stegoveritas [filename]
stegoveritas -steghide [filename]
zsteg [filename]
Tool NameDescription
ConvertConvert images b/w formats and apply filters
ExifShows EXIF information in JPEG files
ExiftoolRead and write meta information in files
Exiv2Image metadata manipulation tool
ImageMagickTool for manipulating images
OutguessUniversal steganographic tool
PngtoolsFor various analysis related to PNGs
SmartDeblurUsed to deblur and fix defocused images
SteganabaraTool for stegano analysis written in Java
StegbreakLaunches brute-force dictionary attacks on JPG image
StegCrackerSteganography brute-force utility to uncover hidden data inside files
StegextractDetect hidden files and text in images
SteghideHide data in various kind of images
StegsolveApply various steganography techniques to images
ZstegPNG/BMP analysis
LSB-SteganographyPython program to steganography files into images using the Least Significant Bit.
StegSpyChecks classical steganographical schemes
StegSnowA program for concealing messages in text files by appending tabs and spaces on the end of lines
BinwalkFirmware Analysis Tool
Stego-ToolkitSteganography Toolkit
StegDetectPerforms statistical tests to find if a stego tool was used (jsteg, outguess, jphide, …).
StegoVeritasYet another Stego Tool

Steganography image analyzer: