Debugging Mode:

gdb [file] 

Print disassembled function:


Analyze all (fcns + bbs) same that running r2 with -A:


List all functions (number of functions):


Set breakpoint:

db [addr]

Remove breakpoint:

db -[addr]


ds [num]

Step over:

dso [num]
s [address]: Move cursor to address or symbol
s [function_name]

View ascii-art basic block graph of current function:

V or V!

Debug in Visual(V) Mode:

p/P: Rotate print (visualization) modes hex, the hexadecimal view disasm, the disassembly listing Use numbers in [] to follow jump Use "u" to go back Use "V" to view graph mode

  • toggle breakpoints with F2

  • single-step with F7 (s)

  • step-over with F8 (S)

  • continue with F9

  • pf: Print with format

  • pf.: list all formats

  • pf [5]z @ [vaddr]: print the vaddr value of 5 charcters

  • iz: Strings in data section

  • izz: Strings in the whole binary

  • axT: Returns cross references to (xref to)

axt @ @ str.*

axF: Returns cross references from (xref from)

axF @ [vaddr]
  • iI: will print basic info

  • ii: Imports

  • iS: Sections

    • iS~w returns writable sections
  • is: Symbols

    • is~FUNC exports

value of the bytes:

rax2 -s 0x403085

byte decode: