Core commandsDescription
backgroundBackgrounds the current session
exitTerminate the Meterpreter session
guidGet the session GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)
helpDisplays the help menu
infoDisplays information about a Post module
irbOpens an interactive Ruby shell on the current session
loadLoads one or more Meterpreter extensions
migrateAllows you to migrate Meterpreter to another process
runExecutes a Meterpreter script or Post module
sessionsQuickly switch to another session
File system commandsDescription
cdWill change directory
lsWill list files in the current directory (dir will also work)
pwdPrints the current working directory
editwill allow you to edit a file
catWill show the contents of a file to the screen
rmWill delete the specified file
searchWill search for files
uploadWill upload a file or directory
downloadWill download a file or directory
Networking commandsDescription
arpDisplays the host ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache
ifconfigDisplays network interfaces available on the target system
netstatDisplays the network connections
portfwdForwards a local port to a remote service
routeAllows you to view and modify the routing table
System commandsDescription
clearevClears the event logs
executeExecutes a command
getpidShows the current process identifier
getuidShows the user that Meterpreter is running as
killTerminates a process
pkillTerminates processes by name
psLists running processes
rebootReboots the remote computer
shellDrops into a system command shell
shutdownShuts down the remote computer
sysinfoGets information about the remote system, such as OS
Others CommandsDescription
idletimeReturns the number of seconds the remote user has been idle
keyscan_dumpDumps the keystroke buffer
keyscan_startStarts capturing keystrokes
keyscan_stopStops capturing keystrokes
screenshareAllows you to watch the remote user's desktop in real time
screenshotGrabs a screenshot of the interactive desktop
record_micRecords audio from the default microphone for X seconds
webcam_chatStarts a video chat
webcam_listLists webcams
webcam_snapTakes a snapshot from the specified webcam
webcam_streamPlays a video stream from the specified webcam
getsystemAttempts to elevate your privilege to that of local system
hashdumpDumps the contents of the SAM database