Important Ideas:

I have found that leads to consistent results, is persistence. Being persistent in looking for and exploiting vulnerabilities will almost always lead to success.

Rule 1: Stick with one program.

Rule 2: Observe your actions and ask yourself a question what I am doing wrong?

  • Time Management: {College + Content Creation + Bug bounty + Learn something new in cybersecurity}

  • Advice: Take time to select a target but don't jump from one to another. It wastes your time. Stick to a program for a longer period.

  • Patience: When I don't find a bug after spending a lot of time, I think it's a waste of time. But I can learn something new in this time. I was wrong, and every failure taught me so much!

  • Explain how an attacker can use this against the organisation

  • Pick one bug and look for it everywhere

  • POC or GTFO

  • Write a quality report

  • Invest in yourself

  • Focus less on $ and more on learning

  • Persistence and patience is the key

  • It's all hardwork, there is no shortcuts

  • Use tools; but learn how & why they work.?

  • True master never stop learning: be hamble

  • READ more & PRACTISE = all the information there is out there

  • You don't have write code but read

  • Stay curious: My crime is that of curiosity ' _ `

  • Rest = No burnout

  • Share & show what you've done