-RDoes a recursive grep search for the files inside the folders(if found in the specified path for pattern search; else grep won't traverse diretory for searching the pattern you specify)
-hIf you're grepping recursively in a directory, this flag disables the prefixing of filenames in the results.
-cThis flag won't list you the pattern only list an integer value, that how many times the pattern was found in the file/folder.
-iI prefer to use this flag most of the time, this is what specifies grep to search for the PATTERN while IGNORING the case
-lwill only list the filename instead of pattern found in it.
-nIt will list the lines with their line number in the file containing the pattern.
-vThis flag prints all the lines that are NOT containing the pattern
-EThis flag we already read above… will consider the PATTERN as a regular expression to find the matching strings.
-eThe official documentation says, it can be used to specify multiple patterns and if any string matches with the pattern(s) it will list it.